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What we've learned

We've been paying attention

It’s now 10 months since we took over responsibility for MSM and as we head into the new academic year it’s a good time to reflect on what we have learned.

The first thing that is clear is the absolute need for a tool to manage the administration of a busy music school. If a school has 400 music lessons per week with 40 music teachers and is scheduling lessons against 35 academic lessons and has 4 rooms - then you are managing 2.24million permutations per week - and some of our clients are managing almost twice that number of lessons.

We have also calculated that our average client is generating £500,000 in billing from music each year. This is effectively a small business in its own right and therefore should be managed with dedicated software - not paper and spreadsheets.

Another thing that has become apparent is that there would be benefit from some discussion of best practice. Virtually every school manages its music lessons differently, and whilst different schools will have different structures many of the differences are purely historic. The adoption of a new system is a good opportunity to refine process. Some current practice is purely historic, some is required by previous administration necessity and some is local idiosyncrasy.

We will be putting together a best practice forum in the coming weeks and would like to hear from you if you would like to be part of that - whether you are an existing client or just evaluating the adoption of a system we’d like to hear your views. Please express your interest by using the subject matter of "forum" on the contact page

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