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Recognising and encouraging talent

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

When were you last genuinely staggered by the talent in front of you?

If you are a music teacher this may happen more often to you than it does for the average member of the public. Sadly for me it’s not as regular as I’d like - maybe I should get out more!

It did happen, however, on the evening of Saturday 19th January, I sat on the edge of my seat listening to an incredibly talented group of singers. This was the launch concert of a CD entitled “This Day” - a recording of music composed by women and performed by women to commemorate the centenary of the 1918 vote for women and directed by the young female conducting tour de force that is Hilary Campbell.

Hilary founded Blossom Street when she was a music student at York university and the group has grown and matured over recent years since she moved to London. Though normally a group of mixed voices this recording was made solely by the upper voices in honour of the centenary.

Not every student who goes through your music school will rise to the levels of musical expertise on show at this concert - but they will at least have a better appreciation, as a result of your teaching, of what it took these people to attain this level. Maybe just a few of them will be inspired, when they attend an event like this, to put in the hours and effort to take them to the highest level they can attain.

I’ve listened to the CD since I got home and it’s very good but it just cannot come close to experiencing the music live. One piece that was particularly moving was when the singers positioned themselves around the auditorium, surrounding the audience. Their individual voices were easily identified without detrimental impact on the quality of the total sound. I believe when you create live experiences like this for your music students, you create the best opportunity for inspiration to happen.

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