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Music School Manager now an iSAMS Enterprise Partner

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

The acquisition of CJM by iSAMS and subsequent transition of Music School Manager to We Know Music has given us a great opportunity to forge much closer links to iSAMS. We are pleased to announce that we are now an Enterprise Partner with iSAMS ( - seeing a close working relationship with them as being vital to our future development.

Isams enterprise partner - Music School Manager

We believe that the recent changes in the ownership of Music School Manager put us in a very strong position to create an even better product offering. Following the great work by CJM in creating MSM we are now able focus on its future development and provide links that will make it even more useful to the schools that use it. We are already having discussions about making music lesson information visible to academic teachers and have begun discussions about making information available to those planning sports events.

Whatever MIS you are using, linking MSM to your academic timetable is fundamental to getting the full benefit from the system. As well as iSAMS we link to Capita SIMS, WCBS Pass, Double First, CJM School Manager and Tiger Timetabling

We Know Music is part of We Know Data, one of the most experienced FileMaker development companies in the UK. As MSM is based on the FileMaker platform, this gives us the depth of knowledge required to continue the future development of the product. We work for a diverse range of clients creating solutions in both FileMaker and Web technologies. Solving data challenges and helping clients to be more innovative offers invaluable experience when planning the future functionality of Music School Manager.

We are looking forward to helping many more schools manage their music departments more efficiently.

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