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Motivating practice

Our whole purpose with MSM is to help with the efficient delivery of Music lesson - but how do you motivate pupils to put the time into essential practice between lessons? At the recent Music & Drama Expo I caught up with Musician, Author and International Speaker, Nathan Holder and he gave me his thoughts on the matter...

"It can be difficult finding time to practise! Even though we might want a student to practise for half an hour or an hour every day, how realistic is it to expect that?

In my book I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons, I wrote about the challenges many children, parents and teachers have with schedules. Let’s face it, children these days have so many different activities every week; swimming, karate, dance, and homework can all get in the way of practising for even 10 minutes a day. All this without mentioning the hours

spent on social media, Youtube and video games! No practising means no progress. No progress means frustration. Frustration can lead to children quitting, which is the last thing any of us want!

So what can you do to help?

Having a practise schedule and keeping a practise diary can really help children - they not only stay focused but they also start to track their progress. Imagine being able to tell a child at the end of the year how many hours they’ve practised, or how many new pieces and scales they’ve learned! By logging all that information, children can learn to take pride in seeing evidence of their hard work and help them understand how important it is to have schedules and manage their time. It also can help a music teacher to have a clearer idea about a students’ progress, and provide more in-depth feedback at pivotal points in the school year. It’s a win win for everybody!"

Music School Manager helps build the complete track record of lessons exams and performance throughout the students time with you. If they start to build their own schedulues and really see the progress they are making through consistent practise combined with a practise diary this can be key in supporting children on their musical journey.

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