Important Message - Advance notice:

Announcing End of Life for Music School manager

After much consideration, we have made the decision to announce the End of Life of Music School Manager with effect from 14th February 2021 


We would like to explain the reasons for making this decision. The major consideration is that as the technological landscape continues to evolve, we need to be able to respond. This means being able to put real-time data into the hands of all the people that need it and most often that will be in an on-line / web-based format. The original code base structure for MSM is now almost 10 years old. To respond to this requirement and others going forward would require a complete re-write of the product. We have evaluated the timescale and cost of such a re-write and have reached the conclusion that it is not commercially viable to do so. The existing product has become increasingly expensive to support and was not generating profit so additional costs in an increasingly competitive market are not sustainable. We did not want your experience as a customer to gradually decline and so have made the decision to act now. 


We have decided that the best way forward is to introduce our clients to an existing established market-leading supplier who has the product and financial stability to be able to serve your needs over the coming years. That company is Furlong Business Solutions and its software is Maestro. We have reached an agreement with them that will allow you to transition your current MSM license to their platform at no additional cost for the remaining term of your current agreement.


Over the coming days we will arrange an opportunity for you to get a good understanding of the Maestro system which is part of the Furlong SchoolBase system which is already in use in hundreds of schools.

We are sure that you will have many questions and would like to address them personally, therefore to arrange a call to discuss your specific situation please get in touch on this email address: